May You Live in Interesting Times

26 Jan

Ancient Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

…Yeah, it’s definitely a curse, but an exciting one.

Today: Went to campus  (intentionally) and

1. BUNGEE JUMPED! But not like I’ve done before. Haha, for some reason they had one of those mini-bungee jump things you see at the county fairs on campus. Macarena and I were like the first American girls to get up and do it. So much fun!

2. Picked up a bus pass, finally. Bureaucracy in Egypt = horrible.

3. Told everyone about our fun cab ride (see previous post). Everyone was all, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you got left behind.” …Considering they were on the bus with us, they probably could have said something. (I am not bitter!)

4. Went to a very interesting lecture on “Egypt in 2011”. Originally it was supposed to be about the upcoming elections in the fall, but in light of yesterdays events, turned into a lecture on the legacy of Mubarak and why these protests happened.

The professor had actually been in the protests yesterday in Midan Tahrir with the 15,000 others. He and his sister had to pull her son away from the police who were trying to arrest people. Intense.

The major point he made was that Mubarak has placed security above all else in terms of priorities, but at a cost to the people of Egypt. He has underminded Egyptian institutions, making corruption an institutionalized practice.

It made me realize I am living in a police state to a certain extent…but am certainly an outsider looking in, just from a more intimate prospective.

Anywho, as a result of the protests that are stilling going on (some happened tonight), all weekend trips the school had organized are canceled. NO PYRAMIDS ON FRIDAY SAD FACE! I’ve been in Egypt nearly a week and still haven’t seen the pyramids (even flying in I didn’t get to see them since I came from the southeast). I realize I have four months to see them, but hey, Egypt = pyramids and camels. Saw a camel yesterday. Need to see pyramids now.

Let’s see…tonight went and got Chinese food. SO DELICIOUS. Really! Everything here is so good, and unlike the U.S., is served in proper portion sizes with little to no preservatives. De.Lic.Ious.

I’m off to bed. I gots to go to school tomorrow and…I’m not sure what, do stuff. Hrmm. Visa? Yeah.


One Response to “May You Live in Interesting Times”

  1. Denise January 28, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

    Hi Catherine,

    Looking forward to updates as soon as Egypt goes back on-line!

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