Tangier, Part Three of the Four Part Mini-Series

13 Apr

The next morning we got up and went for a medina tour with Dr. Peyron.


A guy approached us and said if we’d like a surprise from Coca-Cola and because we’re slaves to corporate America we said yes. So we go to this big truck which starts playing music then rolls up a big window and has a big button. You push the button, something comes out of the window, either a flower, a bottle of Coke, or in Amelia’s case, a lei. Then we literally were pushed out of the way by Moroccan men and then had to sign waivers with the Coca-Cola company. In other words, in 5 months I may be in a Moroccan Coca-Cola commercial! WTF.


We then did a medina tour…which was nice, Tangier’s medina is rather small.



Macarena and I headed back to the ocean to relax (and have creepy guys stare at us. Oh, Morocco.)


Then we went and got Spanish food. Since Tangier was a part of Spanish Morocco, not French, most people speak Spanish as their second language and Macarena was very happy about this (she even sleep-talked in Spanish while we were there).

I ate the fish. Bad choice.


Stayed tuned for the thrilling conclusion of Tangier, where the adventure continues in Chefchaouen!


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