Tangier, Part Two of the Four Part Mini-Series

13 Apr

Previously on Tangier: The group heads to the Cave of Hercules for a quick rest stop, then depart, heading for Tangier and beyond!

We made it to Tangier and Tangier is basically a city built on hills that lead to the ocean/Strait of Gibraltar/Mediterranean Sea. I promptly get stuck inside the bathroom of Macarena and I’s hotel room for 10 minutes, in which at least 5 people try to get me out, but as soon as everyone leaves to go look for the man with the screwdriver, the door becomes unstuck and I get out. Oh, Morocco.

Macarena and I promptly make a break for the water.



We reunite with our group to head to the American Legation, a former US consulate, the first piece of land given by a foreign sovereign to the US (Morocco was also the first nation to recognize the US as a country way back in 1781) and the first US Historic landmark outside of the US. In other words, a little bit of America, a little bit of Morocco – very nice.





That night we meet up with some friends at Café Cinema Rif, and end up staying to go see the short films (a part of a festival) that were playing. It was awesome! Very cool café. But since I don’t speak French, some of the nuisances of the films were definitely lost on me. We then met up with all the girls and had sushi. Nom. Then went back, found everyone else drunk (Tangier is a big nightlife town) and Macarena and I decided collectively to not do that. Especially after heading back from sushi a drunk man/druggie fell down 4 flights of stairs in front of us.

Stayed tuned for the next installment of Tangier, where the exploration of Tangier continues, and Chefchaouen awaits!


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