Tangier, Part Four of the Four Part Mini-Series

14 Apr

In yesterday’s episode of Tangier, Catherine and Macarena had a delicious (if funny looking) Spanish meal and prepared for their departure to Chefchaouen.

We then drove on to Chefchaouen through some beautiful landscapes.


But Chefchaouen is AMAZING. A glorious little town built into the foothills of the mountains, painted all in blues and whites.


Macarena, Brittany and I went exploring (shopping) and ended up in an artists’ studio for 7 hours, playing with Jolie the Dog, having dinner and tea with them (plus some definite vices I won’t talk about here).


After getting back to our hotel at like midnight (yeah, we’re crazy cool kids, staying out late at artists’ studios) the next morning we had a medina/entire town of Chefchaouen tour. I want to go back; it is too nice to just leave for one viewing. We visited the Kasbah, which is basically a garden now, and then had lunch.


And that’s all from that trip! Did a WHOLE lot of shopping though (bought genie pants, they are amazing.)


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