The Alternate Universe

15 Apr

If life had gone as planned, my parents and brother would have been on their way to Egypt right now to come see me over my spring break at AUC.

Instead, I am in Morocco living with a family and my parents are going to England.

Instead, Egypt has been catapulted into complete unrest, with Mubarak gone, the military in charge, and no one knowing what will happen.

Instead, the entire Middle East and North Africa region are in turmoil and I can only stand on the street corner watching protests go by calling for a complete overhaul of the government and hear news from Libya, Yemen, Syria, and beyond.

Instead of riding a camel through the desert…wait, no, still did that here, so check that one off the list.

Instead of  LIVING in a desert I’m living in basically a North African California. …Yeah, that’s a bit weird (THERE ARE LOQUATS HERE. What?!)

Yet realizing that my parents were in that alternate universe heading to visit me makes me think of what my life could have been like. Obviously I’ll never know, but you have to imagine everything happens for a reason.

I mean, if nothing else, I’ve made some great friends here, seen some amazing things, and have actually figured out my life for the foreseeable future, through my summer, through my last semester of college, through the next few years. And I couldn’t be more excited for all I have planned!

Maybe if I had stayed in Egypt I would be very lost as to what my future would be. Maybe not. Who knows?

I’m glad I’m in Morocco. It may not have been what I wanted, and a lot may have been sacrificed by me being here, but I cannot imagine being anywhere else right now.

So, alternate universe where the revolution didn’t happen: alternate-Egyptian people, I’m sorry you’re still under Mubarak’s regime. Alternate-me, I hope you would one day make it to Morocco. You’d love it.


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