The Wonder of the World

17 Apr

Today was a day we’ll firmly place in “memorable experiences”. Thank you, Macarena, for letting me tag along on this adventure (even though you got cranky at the end haha, calm down you got a date with a hot Dutch guy).

Today Macarena and I went to the consul of Peru’s house and went swimming in her gorgeous infinity pool with her kids and had a delicious lunch. That alone sounds like a nice day, right? Swim in a pool, lounge in the sun, eat a fresh, delicious lunch, play with the cute dog Barto, have people speak in Spanish at me (which I’ve learned I can actually follow pretty well, much like French, but I can’t speak it at all).

We then all loaded up into the consul’s car and headed to the Peruvian embassy to meet up with the Peruvian ambassador and about half of the Peruvians that live in Morocco. We then preceded to drive to Sale (across the river from Rabat) to go to the opening of the first Peruvian restaurant in North Africa. We went from good day to great day, right there. The governor of Sale was there, as well as 70% of all the Peruvians in Morocco (which is about 30). However, they did have a guy dressed up in a chicken costume (it’s a Peruvian chicken place) and I was not okay with this. Macarena got pecked by him and he tried to steal my delicious Peruvian chicken. Oh, he got smacked down on that one.

After staying at the restaurant for a few hours, we loaded up in the car again and drove to the Oudaya (kasbah) in Rabat to go to a party for the daughter of  a friend of the consul’s. Everyone was speaking either French or Spanish, but the French kids were very cool.

Oh, and the view from their house? Amazing.

Today I kissed more people’s cheeks than I care to count. Today I ate real Peruvian chicken in one of the two places in Africa you can get it. Today I chatted with the consul to Peru. Today I watched the sunset from the top of a house built hundreds of years ago, surrounded by people speaking in at least four different languages.

Today I wondered at how I came to be in such a place at such a time and how lucky I am to be living this life. The world, for all its many faults and obstacles, is filled with such amazing moments that everything else can be weathered to simply live in those moments of complete and astonishing awe and joy.



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