Patience, young (old and in-between) grasshoppers.

26 Apr

I am yet again sick. With a cold. Apparently, in my last month (as of today, actually) in Morocco, my immune system has decided to just not do its job. Inconsiderate.

Anyway, later today, inshallah, I’ll post up my pictures from Marrakech, where the AMIDEAST program went this weekend. I don’t have as many pictures as  I could have, due to a number of factors:

1. I was sick for the entire weekend, so wasn’t really up for doing much picture taking (or much of anything, actually).

2. The weather in Marrakech was rather unpleasant. Raining, cold, sometimes windy…yeah.

3. Marakech is the tourist hotspot of Morocco. So, there’s a pretty good chance that when you try to take a picture of something, someone will ask you for money.

But I will post what I have, soon! Until then!


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