Before I dash off…

14 May

Some final adventures of my life in Rabat before I start my week and a half of traveling and then head to DC (and then head home June 1-5! I am so happy I get to go home! My heart feels light as a feather!)

Last Friday (not Friday the 13th, but the Friday before) was the last real day for the two girls who were being taken out early from the program, Leah and Becca. As a sort of good bye and good luck celebration, they decided kayaking would be awesome for all of us (like 20 of us) to go do. Since Macarena and I had been talking about going kayaking on the marina for weeks, we were excited. After class we went home and get ready – she put on a swimsuit top underneath her white shirt and I figured since we’d only be on the marina that I wouldn’t wear a swimsuit, so I just wore my black genie pants and a white shirt. We hope in a cab with Caity…and then proceed to go to Club Nautica, not to the marina. The club is located by the Rabat beach. Which is a place people surf in so…waves. Lots of waves. We get our kayaks from the kayak guys and drag them down the beach. Leah and Becca head out just fine. Macarena and I get in, and 30 seconds later get hit by a wave and tip over. Now we’re completely soaked (white shirts = bad idea now). At this point, Amelia and McKenzie have gotten in their kayaks and headed out. Caity, who was going to kayak with one of the kayak guys, hasn’t even gotten in her kayak. We get back in, head out further, then a big ass wave hits us and we tip over again. The kayak guys tell us the current is making it too dangerous for us to go out now and says we can’t kayak anymore. With that, I tell Macarena and Caity, “Screw it, let’s go swimming.” So we do. And we get boogie boards from the kayak guys and go boogie boarding too. At this point, all the other kids had shown up and were playing soccer on the beach. Leah, Becca, Amelia and McKenzie come back from kayaking and go swimming with us. So it’s a good day, but I’m swimming in my clothes wearing a white t-shirt. In Morocco. Getting out of the water was interesting. Especially when Caity, Macarena and I walked halfway back to Caity’s house then caught a cab because of all the people staring at us. And the cab driver stopped with the biggest smile on his face…pretty sure we made his day. “You know what I did today?” “No, what?” “Picked up three dripping wet American girls!” “You are so lucky.” Welcome to Morocco. Caity changes clothes then we three head back to our place for couscous. Later that night about 10 of us go to sushi and nom nom nom on that, then head to Upstairs, the local bar pub (meaning lots of Americans/Europeans are there) and gets lots and lots of bottles of wine. All in all, a great day.

Next adventure: As mentioned, we now have a host brother. On Wednesday, Macarena, Adrienne and I had hoped to go kayaking after Macarena and I finished with our ridiculous long class. We didn’t get out until five (and this last class was at our professor’s house) so we didn’t get to AMIDEAST until 5:45. At this point, we decided against kayaking (but it was so hot blerrrggghgghghgh) but decided to go to the Oudaias and get ice cream or juice or something and have a breeze on us at least. Now, on Sunday, Macarena had invited Saif, our host brother to go kayaking with us (she’s really nice and just wanted to make him feel at home).

That’s before she knew he had a BIG FAT crush on her. I had seen it at the breakfast table earlier that day, his looking at her when she wasn’t looking….and then his randomly talking to us for about two hours. By us, I mean her. I told her, “Mac, Saif has a crush on you.” “What?” “No, pretty sure.” “Oh my God!” “Yeah, so inviting him on kayaking is a bit awkward. …You get to ride with him then.” “What?! NO.” “Yup.”

Anyway. We meet up with Adrienne with Saif in tow. I had already told Adrienne that Saif has a crush on Macarena, so when we went to get our cabs (petite taxis only take three passengers at most), Adrienne and I immediately said we’d get a cab together. Leaving Macarena and Saif with a long, awkward cab ride. When we get to the Oudaias, Macarena texts me to say Venezia Ice, the place we were going to go to, had been dismantled because of Mawazine and that they were at the cafe next door. We said alright and walked down to the row of cafes on the waterfront. Macarena and Saif were not at any of them. I call Mac. “Hey, where are you? We’re at the cafe and we don’t see you.” “That’s because I’m on a boat!” “…Wait, what?” “I’m on a boat! He took me to the bridge and then we got on this boat and now I’m in the river on the boat with Saif!” “Do you need us to join you?” “I mean, we’ve already left so I don’t think you can.” “Alright, well, we’re gonna go get food. Have fun. Make good choices.” Essentially, Macarena had been kidnapped. Or as Adrienne put it, “It’s their first date!” No. Ew. We get food at Blue Berry and eventually Mac and Saif show up. So that’s fun/awkward.

Thursday night was the farewell dinner with AMIDEAST, which was at this GORGEOUS restaurant, Dinarjat, in a riad (house in the medina) that literally took your breath away. I don’t have pictures, but the restaurant’s photo gallery helps: SO PRETTY. Everyone got all emotional at the end, saying goodbyes to staff, teachers and friends. Winner of the emotional contest: Carson. After dinner we head to an awesome lounge were we have the second floor all to ourselves and everyone gets drinks and dances and then we say our goodbyes again and so on.

Friday (yesterday), Macarena and I go to the medina, hoping to meet up with everyone (but most of us have returned out cell phones so we can’t call people), meet up only with Hila and Nate, head in, say our goodbyes, Mac and I get our shopping for our trip done, we run into Carson, Amelia, McKenzie and Anna, walk around with them, meet up with Kate, Michelle and Alaina, say our good byes to all of them, then head home meet with Caity for couscous at our place, watch a movie (No Strings Attached = yeah, no.), do some shopping, I say good bye to Caity and they head off to meet with some of their Moroccan friends.

So I’ve said my good byes. I’m not getting very emotional about it though. I mean, yes, I’ll miss all of my friends and will miss Morocco, but I think I’ve been so emotionally drained over the past few weeks that I can’t get overly emotional right now.


With that, I’m outskies – I’m taking my laptop with me though, so you may get some updates from the road!


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