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One Night.

19 Jan

It’s my last night in the U.S. for the foreseeable future. How am I feeling?

Tired, but more importantly a bit freaked out. Anxious is the appropriate term: excited+nervous=anxious. I’m worried about the language barrier (I know I’ve been taking Arabic for 2.5 years but that doesn’t mean a lot, really.), my classes, culture shock, yada yada. Also excited for all of the same things.

But since my last post, I’ve turned 21! Very exciting.

Fun fact: January 16 (my birthday) was also the day that the 18th Amendment (one that made alcohol illegal) was ratified. Very amusing.

Egypt, while obviously a predominantly Muslim country (alcohol is not in the good books…well, book, the Quran…for Islam), does have alcohol available and I think Stella is their popular brand of beer. Regardless, thousands of expats are in Cairo so if I so choose I could get a drink if I wanted.

Other news: Chris won the Golden Globe! Chris Colfer, my friend from high school (oh so long ago), won the Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series and I couldn’t be prouder. Also happened on my birthday, so awesome present.

Now I really need to get to bed. But I’m waiting for my friend Mikendra to drop off a going away gift because she is ridiculous and I love her. But ridiculous.

My flight leaves at 5:50am for LA, then LA to Dubai, then Dubai to Cairo. I get to Cairo at 5:25pm Friday. So a LONG day(s) ahead of me!

But the beginning of an epic adventure is about to start :).


Today’s To-Do

9 Jan

The countdown continues. I leave in COUNT THEM, just 11 days! And get there in 12. Ew. 24-hour half-way-around-the-world trek means groggy Catherine at the end.

But I still got time!

Figure out what I need to purchase still. CHECK
Submit airport pickup stuff. CHECK
Mail dorm check. ALSO CAN’T DO UNTIL MONDAY.
Eventually figure out my classes. I’LL GET TO THIS EVENTUALLY. Probably when I’m there.
Copy passport.
SLEEP. I’m a master at it now. So CHECK.

In other news: Poppy the Puppy thinks it funny to pounce on my bed with a ball in her mouth. Not funny, puppy.